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See anyone's conversation history free with the WhatsApp spy tool that works on any device with an internet browser!

WhatsApp Sniffer – APKs, PC Downloads & More

Let me guess… you want to know about the (in)famous WhatsApp hack that’s been circling around the internet. You’ve probably heard of people using WhatsApp sniffers (apk or PC download) to get access to conversations and messages on other people’s WhatsApp accounts, but probably don’t know how it’s done. Here we’ll go over the security issues, different hacks, sniffers and spy tools available, and how they all work together so that you are able to download the texts, videos and images sent by any WhatsApp user!

WhatsApp – The Global SMS Alternative

First released in 2009, WhatsApp has become a global phenomenon, garnering over 800 million users in less than 6 years. Originally started by two former Yahoo employees and a freelance coder, WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook (which purchased WhatsApp for $16 billion!). What made WhatsApp stand out above other instant messaging apps? The proprietary, cross-platform app uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages. As any techie will tell you: if it’s sent over the internet, it can be intercepted. This is where the WhatsApp sniffer comes in.

Unlike many other messaging apps that rely on peer to peer (P2P) that uses a direct connection, WhatsApp receives the conversation contents first and then relays it to the intended user. This makes it super convenient for users to access their conversations from any device – android phone/tablet, iphone, ipad and even PC. However it also opens the door for hackers to reverse engineer the app and get otherwise private data. So if you want to learn how to hack WhatsApp account, read on!

Spying on WhatsApp User Accounts with Sniffers

Since you are on this page, you are looking for a WhatsApp hack sniffer tool that you can use to read other people’s conversations. Although there are WhatsApp sniffer apks out there, this is a WhatsApp sniffer for PC (or any device with an internet connection). No need to download any software or apk, just go to this site from any browser and use our online WhatsApp sniffer.

We figured out a way to log into the WhatsApp servers as a root admin and retrieve previously sent conversations including messages, images and videos. Although it isn’t specifically a WhatsApp spy (which intercepts conversations as they occur), our hack tool lets you spy on previously sent messages for any account. All you need it their phone number!

Risks of Using a WhatsApp Sniffer or Spy Tool

You might think that using a WhatsApp sniffer would get you caught, but it won’t! We’ve successfully downloaded conversations from hundreds of thousands of WhatsApp accounts without ever being detected. Our WhatsApp sniffer hack utilizes multiple levels of proxies and spoofs itself onto the servers as a root user. That is one huge advantage to our sniffer over a WhatsApp sniffer apk – we take full advantage of PC servers to get access to the WhatsApp database.

WhatsApp Sniffer Download – APK vs PC

The best option is neither! Both software downloads for your mobile device and PC/Mac computer limit how good the spy tool is and its maintenance. A single universal sniffer that is hosted on a server is much more powerful than any program you can run on your computer. It also allows WhatsApp hackers to quickly update patches that may be released faster than programs. So use our free WhatsApp sniffer hack to do all the hard work for you. No downloads. No installs. Just any user’s WhatsApp account history.

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