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How the Online WhatsApp Hack Works.

We’ve developed a method where users can hack WhatsApp accounts online from their PC or mobile device. With the WhatsApp hack tool, you can spy on any account history if you have their phone number! You no longer need a WhatsApp hacker app or be a hacker to view another users chat history, images and downloads.

We have been studying the WhatsApp code and server responses for some time. There have been a lot of new releases of WhatsApp hacking tools and apps - but nothing that was entirely online. We brought together the most features into a simple online site that lets you hack any WhatsApp account with just their phone number. Just enter a phone number, select what types of conversations you would like to download and click "Hack WhatsApp Account". Our program will stealthily download all data straight from WhatsApp servers and be available for you to download - with no one none the wiser.


Step One

Disable POP UP Blocker.


Step two

Enter any WhatsApp phone number to hack

Step Three

Complete Human Verification Check.


Step Four

Download complete WhatsApp history report!

WhatsApp Hack Online Free 2016

WhatsApp is the top downloaded web chat application on both Android and iPhone. WhatsApp Messenger is cross-platform allowing you to send messages from any device, to any device, including from your PC or Mac! With millions of people using this chat application day to day, more and more people have been asking how to hack WhatsApp messenger. We’re here to tell you that not only can WhatsApp be hacked, but that it’s super easy to use a WhatsApp hack online to download and hack WhatsApp messages for any user account. Whether you are looking for a WhatsApp sniffer, WhatsApp spy or any other tool, all you need is their phone number!

WhatsApp Hacking

This is not a new occurrence – any large program with lots of data is an attractive target for hacking groups. These WhatsApp hackers often penetrate the servers containing all WhatsApp messages, images and videos sent among the users. Don’t believe they store the data? Well the UK has recently forced WhatsApp to hand over its messages to the government or be shut down. If the government can get their hands on your private conversations, so can the top hackers. In fact, if the government agencies were more tech saavy, they would hack WhatsApp chats without ever being detected (like our online WhatsApp hacking tool does!). So for those who want to know how to hack WhatsApp account, it is possible and people are doing it – right now.

Spy WhatsApp Online – Texts, Images & Conversations

There are several different names that the various WhatsApp hacks use: WhatsApp hack tool, WhatsApp sniffer, and WhatsApp hack spy among others. No matter what you call them, they do one of two things (or both). The “hacks” usually bypass WhatsApp security and access their servers undetected in order to retrieve stored data such as images, messages and videos. The “sniffer” and “spy” tools work by injecting themselves between the WhatsApp server and the user in order to copy the messages to another account – effectively spying on another WhatsApp user’s activity. Although these let you spy on WhatsApp online, they don’t provide you with any insight into previous activity. This site provides the most up to date – updated for 2016 – WhatsApp hacker online, free for you to use!

WhatsApp Security & Safety

WhatsApp was originally coded by a freelancer found online. Although it has since been purchased by Facebook, there are still tons of security issues with the app. Whether you are using WhatsApp on iPhone, Android or online, your messages are being sent in an unsecure fashion. Any WhatsApp hack can intercept your communications or simply pull up your account history straight from their servers. Of course these companies don’t want it to be known that their communication channels are vulnerable. They sweep any apps or software downloads under the rug and make sure their users stay loyal.

WhatsApp Hack Downloads

The WhatsApp hacks come in many forms. WhatsApp hack download software is one of the most popular options – but also the most limiting. Although these programs tend to have the most amount of features and tools, they can only be used from a PC or Mac. If you are trying to use a mobile device or tablet, you are out of luck. Another option is a WhatsApp hack app: WhatsApp hack Android, WhatsApp hack iPhone, WhatsApp hack windows phone – they are out there. Again, these work well, have less features than the software download but work on mobile devices. One of the major downsides is that they take more to maintain and changes in the WhatsApp code could break the app and take a long time to fix. The best and most elegant solution on how to hack WhatsApp is to use a free online hack tool.

Hack WhatsApp Chats Online: WhatsApp Hacker

We’ve taken the features and tools from other WhatsApp hacking tools and combined them into an easy to use, online tool. We know how to hack WhatsApp conversations, and have made it easy and free for you too! All you need to do it enter the phone number associated with the WhatsApp account you are trying to hack, select the types of conversations you want to download and wait for the program to run its course. There is no need for a free download as it is completely online and free. You can use our WhatsApp hack from your PC, Mac, Android phone, iPhone or any tablet – all you need is an internet connection. Next time you want to hack WhatsApp chats, spy on conversations or sniff incomine messages, come here first and try out our free WhatsApp hacker online tool. We promise to keep it updated (last update July 2016)!

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